This may be why you are breaking out…

Dermatologist experts break down the most common breakout and acne triggers, learn how to avoid and manage them here:

Chronic Stress
Did you know acne is one of the first signs of a chronically stressful lifestyle? To reduce the effects of stress on the skin, start with deep, slow breathing, which helps decrease tension and anxiety. As you move towards a less stressful lifestyle, incorporate preventive measures such as exfoliation and a weekly masque.

Hormonal Fluctuations
Research has discovered the sebaceous glands to the endocrine system plays a significant role when it comes to hormones. When the body produces excessive amounts of hormones, such as cortisol and adrenaline, this can lead to an imbalance and potential breakouts. If you notice a pattern in these breakouts, talk to one of our skin experts.

Lifestyle Habits
Smoking, under-cleaning, or taking certain medications- can all be the leading cause of your breakout. Try applying a highly active breakout clearing product to prevent your breakouts.

Sugar Consumption
Eating lots of sugary and refined foods could be triggering oil production in your skin increasing your breakouts. Try reducing this with Salicylic Acid and clay-based products.

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