Summer Skin Tips

Exfoliate skin at least twice a week for clearer, smoother skin. Helps prevent congestion and lack luster skin. Daily Microfoliant is ideal to use daily as it’s gentle and non irritating.

Keep Skin Hydrated: ensure healthy glowing skin by using a hydrating masque twice a week. Use a hydrating serum like hydrating booster daily to keep skin plumped and conditioned.

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Drink More Water: prevent internal dehydration by upping your water intake. Water with lemon is excellent for skin as it helps give skin a clear, healthy complexion.

Reapply SPF Frequently: protect from sun rays with your preferred SPF. Use a teaspoon amount for the face. A Shot glass amount is needed for the body. Reapply frequently to stay protected.

Soothe Over-Exposed Skin: use after sun repair to calm, repair and soothe damaged skin. It helps prevent redness and peeling as well as repairing damaged skin cells.

Repair Skin: treat sun damaged skin with AgeSmart. Repair and renew skin and undo UV damage with a range of products to give you your best skin now.

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