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Summer Skin Tips

Exfoliate skin at least twice a week for clearer, smoother skin. Helps prevent congestion and lack luster skin. Daily Microfoliant is ideal to use daily as it’s gentle and non irritating. Keep Skin Hydrated: ensure healthy glowing skin by using a hydrating masque twice a week. Use a hydrating serum like hydrating booster daily to […]

Edmonton Facials and Skin Care

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What is Professional Skin Care & Should You Use It?

We recently became aware of this article at Just About Skin that is an unbiased explanation of what professional skin care is and why one should use it.  We highly recommend checking it out if you aren’t familiar with professional skin care products and the benefits of it. Read full skin care article     […]


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Dermalogica IonActive Skin Treatment

Introducing Dermalogica’s new IonActive Skin Treatment! For a limited time receive this special pricing. For appointments call us at 780-481-2414 or book online.

Edmonton Facials and Skin Care

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Tips for Relieving Dry Skin

Here is a common subject we hear that comes up daily for anyone living in Alberta…. Tips for relieving dry skin: – Bathe or shower using warm not hot water. – Use fragrance-free body wash (without detergents) and moisturizers. – Use ointment or cream instead of a lotion. Great ingredients to look for our Shea […]


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Hydrablur Primer

Intorducing Dermalogica’s HydraBlur Primer   This lightweight, non-greasy primer minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, mattifies against oily shine and imparts a silky, luminous finish to skin. Quick tip: Apply with a damp sponge or foundation brush for an added blurring effect. You can also see more of What’s New, Our Fav’s, and […]

Dermalogica Face Mapping at Urban Retreat in Edmonton

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Reveal your Best Skin with Face Mapping

Face Map our Nation was started as a challenge to Dermalogica Skin Therapists to face map as many people as possible. The idea behind this is because most skin problems happen on various part of the face (ie – dryness on cheeks, breakouts on the chin) it’s important to use specific products in specific areas […]

Dermalogica's PowerBright

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What To Do About Pesky Brown Spots

      NEW from Dermalogica and NOW at Urban Retreat! The new PowerBright TRx collection features a day time moisturizer, and overnight treatment cream and a skin brightening serum! All created to prevent and control hyperpigmentation and to give you your brightest, most even skin tone ever.   More About Hyperpigmentation and those Pesky […]

Kissable Lips with Dermalogica

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Kissable Lips

  Wanna make your lips more kissable today? Mix Daily Microfoliant, PreCleanse, and a bit of water, and polish away for smoother skin! Happy Valentine’s Day!